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Many who get into the flower business find it an enjoyable and fulfilling line of work. Who doesn’t like beautiful flowers that can easily make just about anyone’s day? Especially if they are given as a gift.

Most people know, running a flower business can be very demanding. The world is competitive. There are many large retailers that sell flowers, lots of online order gathers that can cut profits.

So, why do some florists manage to bring their flower business to a multi-million dollar success, while others struggle?

Surely it’s more than just luck, right?


Smart flower professionals take the time to turn their businesses to the next level. They obsessively research, take risks and experiment, and learn as much as they can about good business practices and then bring the knowledge back to the flower shop.

Sure, most flower shops might not make millions. But there’s no reason your flower business cant make you a decent profit and have you live a very comfortable life.

Remember, you’re selling a product that everybody loves! Success in the industry is all about taking advantage of technology and being creative.

Here’s some sneaky knowledge about why some businesses succeed and others don’t. Read on to see how you can apply it to your floral business.


As a flower shop owner, you will naturally have a lot of potential customers. The problem is that many florists do not spend the time and money on advertising to draw in new customers. Smart business owners focus on ‘lead generation’ to find new clients and entice them to stay around.

  1. Host flower Workshops.
  2. Beautify your floral website.
  3. Participate in community events.
  4. Join all social media communities
  5. Focus on your Website SEO.
  6. Get backlinks to your flower website.
  7. Encourage online reviews.
  8. Offer discounts -Free incentives.
  9. Run ADS on Social Media.
  10. Participate in a Wedding Expo.
  11. Partner with a business that is complementary to your flower shop.


Successful businesses in any field make sure operations can run smoothly even if the owner(s) are away.

As a florist, you should strive to make your business able to operate seamlessly if you happen to not be in charge anymore. This is a byproduct of good training. Take the time to teach your workers to ‘think like you!’

If your flower shop is a one-man show sort of say, you can still safeguard your flower shop operations by being consistent.

  • Have an insurance policy that protects your business.
  • Keep your flower shop hours.
  • Answer your business phone.
  • Be organized.
  • Have a floral POS and Website.
  • Have a dedicated contract for wedding & events to protect yourself.


Flower shops that are the same year after year are really boring. Why would you visit a florist who is not creative and expects everything to be the same?

Do not just assume your community is not ready for a cutting edge floral arrangement or a succulent garden.

  • Offer new floral designs, appeal to the younger generation.
  • Spruce up your flower shop, most crucial is your curb appeal. Make it enticing.
  • Expand your markets and the products you provide. ( not just balloons and plush but -greeting cards, candles, bath & body and so on)
  • Make a commercial of your flower business- you can hire a freelancer videographer or try this your self. Post on Youtube.
  • Take pictures of your own floral designs and post on your floral website.
  • Don’t be afraid to branch out to other items besides flowers. You might draw in some new customers and even make extra money!


Noone goes to Starbucks for a Tall, Non-Fat Latte With Caramel Drizzle and gets a FREE scone or and extra Latte for later.  So why do florists constantly give their flowers away?

Putting in a bit extra here and there adds up, wasting supplies adds up. Florists you need to be frugal with the money you spend on flowers and supplies.

  • Make sure you are marking up your flower stems  300% and do not add in extra.
  • Book weddings & events
  • Again offer flower workshops or flower design classes for those that want to learn and be a florist.


This may be the total opposite of what you have heard regarding good business practices, however, I assure you saying NO is always better than saying YES and actually ruining your floral business brand in the process. So what do I mean?

Sometimes customers can be demanding, needy,  opinionated and impossible to please. Listen to your gut- is the customer asking for too much for little profit? Do you feel uneasy or stressed? Is the customer asking for something you know you can’t do? Being accommodating to customers in business is ” A rule of thumb”- but not at the expense of your reputation.

With the age of online reviews which actually do impact your business credibility if you feel there is no pleasing a customer it’s OK to politely say No, meaning turning away their business.

It is also OK not to donate flowers/flower arrangements to everyone that stops in and asks. Unless you are gaining a return, new customers, backlink to your flower website or write up.

When companies/people ask for donations ask them how they can help you. If they have a website then ask for a backlink to your floral website these are priceless and increase your SEO, don’t be shy about being direct.


Running a successful flower business is no different than one in another industry. It’s not luck, but rather the end result of smart planning and a bit of creative flair to stand out. 

Think about why you buy flowers. When do you purchase them? Why do you like the flowers that you do? If you decided against buying flowers, why did you change your mind? All of these questions can be very helpful to focus your floral business on the practices that actually work.

If there are more things on your list and you would like to have a chat please feel free to contact flower delivery richmond bc  


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