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Floral professionals, I’m sure you know that in today’s world, everyone is a critic and a potential headache for your floral business. The saying “Word of mouth”  has turned into the internet explosion of reviews.

On a daily basis, I get asked “How do I remove this review? or “I don’t even know this customer.” and most common “ This review is unreasonable-WTF!.” Some reviews just make you want to pull out your hair with profanity.

What if I told you that some bad reviews actually help your floral business grow. That’s right- not all bad reviews are bad for business.


With 92% of customers now reading reviews before making a purchase surely a bad review won’t help you win that customer. Well, in fact, you would be surprised to know that it does help you win customers.

Customers love a good read and some actually enjoy reading a bad review. Customers like to get a sense of what may go wrong with their purchase. A bad review gives your flower business a sense of credibility.

  • A bad review also makes your good reviews look better. This allows customers to compare all the great reviews to the two or 3 bad ones.
  • Bad reviews also help you interact with your customers. Your responses to a bad review have a direct impact on the sensibility of your readers. The way you respond to the bad review is important.
  • Reviews help your local SEO (search engine optimization). Responding to reviews builds trust with search engines. Directly impacting your SEO rankings in a good way.

The point is don’t be fearful of a bad review this is no way to run a business, use the utmost care in your floral business and expect that there are some people you just can’t please and at the end of the day unlike robots on the internet we are all human.



I’m sure most florists know that responding to a customer review is a “Must Do”. Before getting into the bad/negative review responses -I want to point out that responding to a good/positive review is also important and a “Must Do”. Respond in a gracious way and thank the customer for their stellar review of your floral business.

If there are more things on your list and you would like to have a chat please feel free to contact flower delivery richmond bc  


Right so you just saw the bad review and now you are superheated and ready to give the customer a piece of your mind.  Before you respond WAIT! Take A Deep Breath! Remember that a bad review isn’t so bad for your floral business.  Use the ACF method in your responses to bad reviews Acknowledge, Care & Follow Up.

example: Thank you for your feedback Name! We would like to apologize for your negative experience with our (flower shop name). We pride ourselves on our (product/service) and the high-quality standards we maintain and would like to make things right. You can expect a (call/email)from (Flower Shop Name)on to further discuss what occurred and how we might make it up to you. 

In the above example, we directly Acknowledged, offered Care and closed the response with a Follow-Up. I  have seen follow-ups that turn into review removals or followed by a customer review revisions stating how responsive and helpful the flower shop was in rectifying the situation. Be sure to contact the customer directly after your negative review response.

What if the customer is wrong-surely I can defend my floral business? In fact, you can! In the world of floral wire service where sometimes floral arrangements look 10 times the size, online you may get some backlash from customers who order flowers from floral wire service and feel they did not get what they paid for.  The response should be the same Acknowledge, Care and Follow Up  – although the only change is that you explain the reasoning short and sweet.

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